Hello and welcome to Happy Baby Central! We are glad you are visiting. My name is Nat and I’m the bigger head on the photo here. Most of the content you find here is written and research by me. Now, the little head on the photo is my baby girl Maya.

This site contains articles on happy babies and joyful parenthood. My goal is to promote health and wellbeing for all: the parents and the kids alike. Happy and healthy babies are much more likely to happen with happy and healthy parents by their side!

My site is here to share and teach about ways to bring balance and joy into the life with kids. It is also here for discovering more creative ways to develop the little ones as they grow.

And I am learning as I go here as well! This is the best way and the only way for us as parents. We jump in and try to make the best of it.


I start by focusing on one of my favourite things with baby – baby-wearing! It plays an awesome part in healthy parent-child bonding. It contributes to a well balanced lifestyle, where parents take great care of themselves as well as their children. Baby-wearing provides more freedom for parents in they day-to-day life and opens up new opportunities for things to do as family. It also shapes up a whole lot of other goodness in the relationship between a parent and a child, which you can read on about in my articles.

My baby Maya  has been carried in a baby carrier since almost birth.  We have gone on summer trail hikes, city festivals, mommy+baby dance classes, you name it – all with her closely tucked in on me in the carrier. Carrying her in a baby carrier also gave me way more freedom around the house. As all little babes, she wanted to be held most of her waking hours. In a baby carrier, she could be cozily tucked-in while mommy had hands freed up to flip a remote or… have a meal! I really don’t know how my mom managed without one!

I am looking forward to hearing from you through comments and otherwise!