Best Baby Carrier for a Small Mom

By | September 18, 2017

Hi everyone! After extensive search to find the best baby carrier for a small mom, hands down the ones below are the top picks!

Pikkolo buckle carrier – Awesome adjustable buckles.

Baby K-Tan pre-folded wrap – Wide span of sizes down to XXS and XS.

Sakura Bloom ring sling – Shorter than most ring slings. And super luxurious fabric!

Firsly, I succeeded in hooking another friend on babywearing, as I am such a big fan myself. Due to her petite body type with small torso, she just didn’t feel comfortable in the carriers that I love. Like most things, a lot of carriers are built for an average sized person, which is what I happen to be. But not everyone is!

The carrier needs to be comfortably snug on the parent’s body. Otherwise the weight of the baby will not be distributed and supported well. After a pretty short time you will start feeling sore. Getting back or shoulder pain is not at all what moms and dads want! Especially when juggling life and taking care of a small baby. Baby-wearing is meant to improve and simplify the process, not complicate it!

Read on for more insights into why our best picked carriers work well for a petite moms and dads!

Pikkolo by Catbirdbaby – Soft-structured buckle carrier

We absolutely loved Pikkolo carrier for a small parent because it has wide and well adjustable buckles. It is simple for baby to get in and out. The buckles are easy to adjust every time you put the baby on you. In fact it is so easy and flexible in getting to the right fit, it feels like an upgraded mei tai. The buckles attachment is well secured to prevent snapping off.

Shoulder straps are padded with deluxe memory foam. They feel soft while they molds to fit your body. The straps are crossable and provide great support and weight distribution of the baby on you.

The apron-style belt sits right on the waist, as opposed to padded belts that sit above the hips. You wear this belt is normally above your pants, pants don’t get pulled down!

Stretchable sleep hoodie is included with the carrier, providing needed support for a sleeping baby head. When not in use the hoodie rolls up behind the baby neck, providing extra neck support.

Babywearing Waistband accessory can be added on, It makes the bottom of the carrier more heavy-duty, for better weight distribution around the hips. This may be a good add-on as your baby grows and gets heavier.

Positions: front newborn legs-in, facing inward, facing outward, hip, and back

Age: newbon of 8lb to toddler of 40lb

Material: 100% breathable cotton fabric

Baby K-Tan – pre-folded wrap

This product comes in variety of sizes including Extra Small for petite moms or dads.

It is essentially a wrap, but is already pre-folded, so you can skip getting lost in the long fabric and coordinating all the steps to put it on. It is truly a time saver. You can put on the wrap and get that baby in comfortably in few simple moves.

Age: newbon of 8lb to toddler of 35lb

Material: 100%  Cotton (original model)

Variations in fabric:

Baby K’tan BREEZE – made of unique cotton-mesh construction

Baby K’tan ORGANIC – made of 100% organic cotton

Baby K’tan PRINT – made of 100% cotton in few printed patterns

Baby K’tan ACTIVE – made of 100% Polyester (breathable, wicks away moisture and sweat, blocks over 90% UVA and UVB rays, provides unique temperature control)

The video below demonstrates the process of getting baby into Baby K-Tan vs plain wrap:

Sakura Bloomring sling

An excellent high end ring sling here. Ring slings are great for caregivers with petite body. Sakura Bloom specifically does not have too much excess fabric and supports baby on a small mommy frame really well. 

Mom can easily breastfeed her infant in this ring sling.

This sling comes with a detailed and graphic instructional booklet containing good explanations on the proper usage and proper baby positioning.

Sakura Bloom ring slings come in variety of high quality natural fabrics to fit different breathability and warmth levels as needed: linen, bamboo, silk, cashmere.

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    1. Nat Post author

      What a coincidence! I bought a very similar hip seat carrier for my older daughter when we went on our first beach vacation. It turned out to be really great for air travel and walks on the beach. But never tried to breastfeed in it. I will try out breastfeeding with the second daughter – she is almost 3 months, so still too small for this carrier.
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