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By | December 20, 2016

Baby Carrier for DadSnuggly carrying the little one around is such a great way to reinforce the invaluable dad and baby connection early on. Our daddy resisted to put on the baby carrier for a bit. But then after getting that Baby Bjorn on, he never looked back.

So dads can have it all too – cruise around the home or go out to enjoy the outdoors keeping your baby in a carrier – all in comfort for you and the baby. Many dads report a wonderful feeling of completeness when they are carrying their baby. This is also a huge help for mom. For instance going out together as a family, when our dad carries the baby, I savour walking light next to them as never before!

This may happen to you, as it did to us… The baby may not become calm immediately as dad put her on. A sudden change may be overwhelming for the little one, especially if they are used to mom’s body in the early stage. Start walking once you securely strap them in. After a minute or two of pacing the baby normally calms down and starts enjoying the ride a lot!

Dad and baby early bonding

Dad placing the baby in a carrier to move around freely goes far beyond just having hands free and being more mobile. More and more studies verify the importance and vast benefits of dad’s early active involvement with the little ones.

Let me mention few more words on the priceless dad-baby early bond. According to Father Involvement Research Alliance performed studies showing that babies with more involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident in new situations, and eager to explore their surroundings. As they grow, they are more sociable. Toddlers with involved fathers are better problem-solvers and have higher IQs by age 3. They are more ready to start school and can deal with the stress of being away from home all day better than children with less involved fathers.”

Dad’s active involvement benefits stretch into a lifetime! Adults who had involved fathers are more likely to be tolerant and understanding, have supportive social networks made up of close friends, and have long-term successful marriages.

Best carriers for dads

Now you can check out below the list of carriers that dads will love! They range from heavy duty all-in-one type units, to super light weight ones that take up very little space. 

  1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

This is a great carrier providing ultimate comfort for both dads and babes! It can be used starting with newborn and into toddlerhood up to 3 years old. No special insert is needed for newborn – the carrier comes with great built-in head support. For older babes the head portion easily folds down allowing more range in the baby’s head/neck movement.

The carrier has well-padded straps as well as great waist support for dad’s prolonged comfort. It is easy to get the baby in and out with well designed secure snaps. Thanks to the head support portion the baby is safe and cozy sleeping on you as you move around. You can use this carrier for all best positions: front carrying with baby facing both in or out, as well as back carrying.

Age: newborn – 3 years old

Infant Insert: Not needed!

Positions: 4-way front and back carrying. Front carrying forward facing, front carrying facing in, back carrying.

Dad’s colors: Black, Beige, Gray, Denim Blue, Pine Green

Extra perks: Acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Folds compact

Material: mixed cotton

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air – in breathable mesh material
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Outdoors – with upgraded features for outdoors

  1. Onya Baby Outback

This one is a great multi-functional carrier for outdoor lovers that’s quite lightweight for the category and yet very functional. The light fabric repels moisture and mud keeping the baby clean, dry and comfy and is still well breathable. It offers great padding for the little legs and provides a safe widespread sitting position. It has a serious waist wrap and provides good support for the back and secure comfort. The straps at the back may be criss-crossed when carrying baby in the front for better weight distribution and dad’s comfort.

The carrier also comes with a feature that’s pure gold – it can wrap around a regular chair transforming itself into a booster seat! This is so convenient when stopping by for a bite during the outdoor walks, or just visiting people without needing to pack the extra baby seat.

This baby carrier looks somewhat more heavy-duty and rugged than other carriers, which may be an extra attraction factor for the male user. It folds up into a convenient bundle easily toss-able into a travel bag. You can use it from infancy with the special Baby Booster infant insert and well into toddlerhood. Although great for infants, it is an exceptionally good carrier for older babies/toddlers thanks to its excellent back and shoulders weight distribution. The carrier conveniently comes with pockets enough to fit your wallet, couple diapers, some wipes, keys and has toy loops on each strap for baby’s extra entertainment on the way.

Age: newborn – 3+ years old (7 – 45 lb)

Infant Insert: Baby Booster infant insert needed

Positions: Front carrying forward facing, back carrying, side carrying.

Dad’s colors: BlackOrange/Gray, Chocolate/CreamChocolate/Green 

Extra perks: Converts into booster seat, spacious pocket, folds compact, tuck-away sleeping/rain/sun hood with UPF 50 + sun protection, extra savings when purchased as a bundle with Baby Booster infant and the chew pads

Material: 100% rip-stop nylon body and air mesh lining for all climates. 

Variations: Onya Baby Cruiser – softer version in similar design made of 100% brushed cotton.

  1. Ergobaby 4 position 360

This one is a classic, which has been one of the most popular baby carriers for a while. It is well loved by both moms and dads. It is one of the safest for baby’s hips as it well maintains the same proper hip positioning whether the baby is facing inwards or outwards – a feature not easily found in other carriers. Ergobaby 360 supports little ones from birth and up to 24 months. It is not as long as other carriers probably because its major focus is to keep the small babies safe and comfortable. You do need a special insert for infants up to 12lb.

It is a great and comfortable carrier overall. In comparison with the two carriers above it does not provide as good of a back support for the parent when the baby gets on the heavier side.

There is a built-in sleeping hood, which rolls up to give baby extra head support for sleeping comfortably and protect from the sun.

The waistband comes with velcro in addition to the snap, which makes the strapping on process faster and easier. Be careful though – if you just transferred a sleeping baby out of the carrier, you may need to get far away from the sleeping beauty before you take off the loud baby-waking velcro strap off of you.

Age: newborn – 24 months (7 – 27 lb)

Infant Insert: Ergobaby Infant Insert needed (0 – 3 months, 7 – 12 lb)

Positions: Front forward/inward facing, back carrying, side carrying.

Material: Cotton

Dad’s Colors: BlackBlack/BeigeBlueGreenGray/Beige

Extra perks: Built-in sleeping hoodie. Acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Variations: Ergobaby Four Position 360 Cool Air Mesh – same structure with mesh inserts providing more airflow for active dads.

  1. Boba Air

    Ultra lightweight option for dad (0.7 pounds/330g)

Here we have an ultra light-weight, compact and breathable carrier. It is just 0.7 lbs, which folds up into a small pouch to take along easily. Yet it still provides great function. It is easy to put on. The straps and waistband are still sturdy enough to hold up the baby well and provide the necessary comfort to the dad. There is a sleeping hood for shielding baby from sun or rain that tucks away in its pocket when not in use.

The carrier is made of nylon, making it dirt-resistant and an easy cleaning job, compared to other cotton carriers.

The users say that the carrier fits better as the child gets bigger (6 months and beyond) as the bottom may be too wide for a teeny-tiny tot.

It folds up and stores so easily, there is really no excuse not to take it along with you. You will not be caught without a carrier when you need one. Awesome for traveling.

Age: 3 months – 3+ years (15 – 45 lbs)

Positions: Front and back carry options

Dad’s colors: Black, Gray, White

Material: 100% Nylon

Extra Perks: Sleeping hood, folds compact, easy cleaning

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