Easiest Baby Carrier to Use

By | January 21, 2017

When I got my first baby I needed the easiest baby carrier to use since I knew that babywearing rocks!

My quick list:

I became a fan of babywearing way before I ever had a baby to carry! Although I got to actually do it only when my own child came. Before my first baby I would see young parents with a cute looking joy-bundle hanging off of them strolling the city streets in the summer. “I’d love to do that with my baby whenever/if I have one” – I thought to myself.

It didn’t come to mind that one needs to take a course to get going with some of the baby slings and carriers! In fact, the wrap sling that I got as a baby-shower gift ended up being unused for months, because I failed to put it on properly the first couple of times, even with help from Youtube!

Honestly, I just didn’t have the patience to watch those tutorials time after time, and had no capacity to actually remember the long series of steps for getting the long fabric on and securing the baby in there safely. Not to mention I wasn’t the prime learner at the time, dealing with a first newborn and recovering from a complicated birth.

I abandoned the sling ’till better days for at least 3 months. Eventually, when I finally got the hang of it, baby and I did enjoy using it.

Having given up on a sling, I picked up what turned out to be a much easier carrier to use – especially for a newborn. By now I discovered a few carriers that make a great ‘n easy entry-point into baby-wearing and provide superior comfort!


Putting this one first in list because this is the carrier I actually used first. And found it very easy to put on and off. There is some skill involved in getting it to adjust to your body first. But once that’s done the very first time, getting baby in and out is a breeze. Only one bottom part is readjusted as the baby is growing, but nothing else ever needs to be readjusted for one parent. Mom may want to get a second baby carrier for dad to avoid adjusting the carrier when you need it fast. The snaps are done in such a way, that I could hold on to the baby with one hand, while snapping on/off each buckle with the other hand. There are 4 buckles in total to snap on.

After a couple of rounds, the process went in fast few steps:

  • Slip on the shoulder straps
  • Attach front panel with easy snaps and let the panel hang down
  • Pick up the baby to your torso (facing in or out)
  • With one hand hold the baby and with the other hand bring carrier’s front panel to cover the baby. Keep holding the baby with a hand on the outside of the panel.
  • Then go the buckles: lower ones “1 – 2”, upper ones “3 – 4” and done!

Other features:

  • The carrier is made of 100% cotton and is easy to wash.
  • No need for an infant insert to have the newborn be safe and comfortable.
  • Can be used as a breastfeeding a small baby on your lap comfortably – especially when you are stranded without a nice pillow for you lap. You need to place your baby horizontally into the carrier.
  • It is best for smaller babies under 1 year old. I used it until baby was about 13 months, but our baby is a little smaller.

Accessories: You can top up the carrier with BABYBJORN Cover for Baby Carrier for extra warmth and outdoor weather protection.

  1. BECO Gemini

This is a carrier that I discovered later on. It is very comfortable and is praised for its ease of use. It has a good waist support that’s easy to adjust. It also has adjustable width of the bottom where baby’s thighs are supported – narrower for tiny tots and wider for few-months olds. This ensures proper hip positioning for babies of different sizes. The carrier provides 4 most popular positions: Front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry. It is also known to be great for nursing on the go.

The steps to put it on are simple:

  • Put on the waistband, letting the front panel hang out.
  • Bring the baby to your torso (facing in or out)
  • Bring up the front panel to cover the baby, keep holding the baby on the outside of the panel with one hand.
  • With the free hand, throw back one of the shoulder straps over the shoulder, catch the end on the opposite side and then buckle it on the side.
  • Repeat the above step for the second shoulder strap.
  • Adjust harness tightness to fit you best by pulling on hanging lines.
  1. BRITAX Baby Carrier

Another good entry-level carrier. This carrier provides a layer of fabric between the parent’s body and the baby. It can serve to prevent in overheating the baby. Or if you are wearing synthetic fabric, the baby is still next to natural cotton. Similarly to BabyBjorn Original, Britax carrier has snaps designed to be open and closed easily with one hand. There is an additional infant insert that comes with the carrier. It’s a small and easy to insert or remove when needed.

The easiest way to get the baby into this carrier is:

  • Put the carrier onto yourself fully, keeping the straps a bit loose.
  • Attach the top snap on one side, letting the second side hang.
  • Take your baby and insert with legs in first (fancing in or out).
  • Attach the second top snap.
  • Pull on the straps to tighten them as desired.

Variation: Same carrier in organic cotton.

  1. Baby K’Tan

    This is a sling carrier that’s much easier to put on than a regular sling. It comes as two fabric rings attached together that you easily put into yourself and a cover piece. Baby K’Tan comes in different sizes from x-small to xx-large. This gives more flexibility when you are looking for an easy baby carrier for a small mom or a larger parent.

It is way easier to put on vs. a regular baby wrap. This video best demonstrates it in just over a minute:

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