Thank you Baby Carrier!

By | June 28, 2017

I would like to express gratitude for my baby carriers and slings. They have been working hard to help me out day in and day out.

Baby Bjorn HikingMy baby carriers have given comfort to my babies, keeping them the closest to mommy and the coziest! They created sweet moments of intimacy between me and my babies. As the baby gets calm, I have my hands to rub my baby’s back and play softly with her hair. Then I can go on and use my hands to whip up some oatmeal and have enough water to nourish myself and keep the milk coming.

Thank you my Baby Bjorn carrier for being so easy to snap on and off yet so secure. My love for dancing was reawakened after a long pregnancy and with a newborn baby on hand. I have danced to the Youtube Electric Swing compilations and low impact Zumba routines in you, all while you held and smoothly bounced my baby to sleep! Hey, I have rocked it on a dancefloor at a wedding with the baby on me! I have gone to the nature hikes in my favorite Crawford Lake Indian Village site and trails. You are a true friend that does not disappoint. You keep the baby warm and comfy with your padded natural cotton back.

Hot Slings CarryThank you my Hot Slings sling for relieving my arms and being a baby whispering magician for the little newborn to fall asleep within 5 minutes. Even the boob didn’t stand the challenge! In the moment of rush to comfort the baby, you arrive lightning fast to the rescue. I don’t need to stress out about having to tie you up – you come already pre-assembled. I just throw you over my shoulder and pop the baby into you. I have still to discover the variety of babywearing positions you offer – their time will come!

Bebamour Carrier Beach VacationThank you my Bebamour carrier for being great in air travel and a beach vacation. I bought you in a scramble before leaving to Cuba. You were so inexpensive that I thought I don’t mind loosing you on vacation. But you turned out to be so helpful and comfortable. The little hard “stool” made the back carry position really sturdy and easy to get into. And my baby enjoyed the breezy walks on the white sand of that wonderful Cuban beach. She also enjoyed strolling on my back while I went around the large lunch buffet. I had thoughts of gratitude for having you so many times. And now I am writing it “out loud”!

I am so glad babywearing is a thing nowadays! There are many great carrier options to choose from and so many helpful resources. The popularity of babywearing has resulted in numerous local groups that provide in-person help to anyone that reaches out to them. You can find them by searching Facebook for something along the lines “Babywearing + <your town or city name>”

Babywearing enhances the journey of being a parent. The most soothing and comforting things for a small baby is to be held by mom or dad. Even going out with a stroller, half the time my baby will get tired of laying there and want to be held. This is when the baby carrier helps so so much. The baby gets to be comforted and gets the good view of the surroundings. Babywearing opens opportunities for great activities. It makes activities such as going outdoors, air travel, visiting friends easier and more fun.


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